There’s been a change of plans, for now. Head over to Robert’s other and newest blog. There’s posts just about every day, over there. You can read the latest and best Santa Clarita real estate blog @ Have a look! Until then… when time reveals itself… this blog won’t be as up-to-date blog post wise. All of the listings and Santa Clarita homes for sale you find here, however, are updated. The goal is to post new blog posts here in addition to the posts over at Enjoy!

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To Remove The Appraisal Contingency Or Not, That Is The Question

June 5, 2013

Where we practice real estate, Santa Clarita, Ca, the market is very heated right now. Heated in the sense that this is a fervor to buy homes among home buyers, and very little inventory to accommodate that demand.  It’s a seller’s market, as you may have heard already. It’s true here, in Santa Clarita, at […]

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The Valencia Ca Bridge To Terabithia?

May 30, 2013

This isn’t the Bridge To Terabithia. No. It’s just one of the many bridge in Valencia Ca that enable pedestrians on foot and bike and perhaps even a Segway, to cross the busy streets of Valencia (Santa Clarita) without harm. They’re sort of like a trademark, of Valencia. You can’t really miss them. They span […]

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Need To Sell That Santa Clarita Condo And Buy A House?

May 29, 2013

If you found this blog post, you might own a condo in the Santa Clarita area, and be thinking about moving-up, and purchasing a house. It’s a common story of progression. We’re here to walk you through that. We’re experts in selling condos in the Santa Clarita Valley, and odds are, we’ve sold numerous condos […]

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Cosidering Saugus, Ca As Your Next Move?

May 26, 2013

  If you’re considering Saugus, Ca as your next move, consider these fun facts as Mike Devlin at points out. Sometimes forgotten as it’s situated toward the far north of the Santa Clarita Valley, Saugus does have a lot to offer, and the homes there are reasonably priced, compared to its neighbor, Valencia. Check […]

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Stevenson Ranch: The Most In-Demand Santa Clarita Valley Community

May 16, 2013

With the April 2013 stats out, it’s clear that the Stevenson Ranch community, located on the west side of the Santa Clarita Valley, is the most in-demand when it comes to home buyers. Real estate in Stevenson Ranch has always been a hot commodity. The beautiful homes, freeway commute friendly location, views, top-notch schools, the […]

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May 2013 – Updated FHA Santa Clarita Approved Condo Communities List

May 3, 2013

It needed to be done. So here it is. An updated list of all Santa Clarita condo communities that are FHA approved. Unless a new Santa Clarita condo community comes back to life as an approved condo community…this list might be up-to-date until October 2013 when the next few communities FHA approval, expires (such as […]

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Santa Clarita Rent Prices On Homes Lowering? Investors The Cause?

April 11, 2013

  It looks like renters in Santa Clarita may soon find great value in single family homes. Rent prices appear to be lowering due to a large saturation of investor owned single family homes. These homes have been purchased on the market, and at foreclosure auctions, where homes go to get foreclosed on in California. […]

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Tax Deductions In 2013 For Santa Clarita Homeowners

April 9, 2013

Buying a home in Santa Clarita? Already own a home in Santa Clarita? Check out these tax deductions to consider, that could come as we approach the tax filing deadline on April 15th. I found a great article at blog, that shares the top 10 real estate tax deductions for homeowners. Summarized, they are: […]

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Buying Santa Clarita Home After Foreclosure Could Mean 7 Year Wait.

April 9, 2013

Buying a home in Santa Clarita after having had a foreclosure on your credit, could mean waiting 7 years to become a homeowner again. With FHA financing terms becoming less attractive due to increased mortgage insurance premiums, and the fact that they are also in place for longer periods of time, more and more homebuyers […]

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